Right People for Right Job.

Our Story

Brainlogic hr solutions was  onceptualized in the year 2011 & since its inception it has grown in leaps & bounds providing quality Man power solutions to various corporate. We maintain an online Data Bank of well-qualified professionals supported by dynamic team keeping with the current industry requirement. It is professional human resource organization providing innovative recruitment and training platforms for the corporate world.

Most IT & Non-IT organizations spend a large amount of money on advertising for skilled resources. The cost of scrutinizing the resulting responses is very high and only a few resumes meet even the basic requirements. With high overheads, time pressure and multiple tasks at hand, HR personnel has difficulty in screening all resumes leading to inadequate staffing. We offer resume scrutiny and resume database services that help alleviate challenges.

How it Works

Some primary solutions provided are the Live interview, Were the candidates can give face to face interview from his/her smartphone irrespective of their location. We also customize hiring assessments according to the company’s standard. We are the first consulting firm to come up with Complete Campus training/college internship programs across India.Students can choose a wide range of companies with various industry verticals.

our vision

To simplify recruitment process 360 degrees. Reduce hiring cost reduction in all sort of recruitment platforms. Help unemployed people to get their basic job. Save people time and money while traveling for the interview. Customized hiring solutions.Build user free technology where people can use this technology for interview purpose.

Our Trust

We believe in Company vision!

  • Our thought became our words.

  • Words became action.

  • Action became habits. 

  • Habits became values.

  • Values became our destiny.

Core Values

  • Behavior.

  • Honesty.

  • Integrity. 

  • Job Services.

  • Team Work & Success.

Our Strength

  • Daily Habit.

  • Teamwork.

  • Conflict & Debate. 

  • Commitment.

  • Accountability and Results.